If you can understand my Aussie accent

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          I am utterly charming  

Although overly educated and  seduced by the cerebral I am forever enticed by the primal and you. Ttheoretically fascinated by playing outside of societal rules I would love to meet with you inside of our room. 

I am very low volume and prefer my clients to be witty and kind and sweet and open in nature. You are someoene who is looking to be indulged and seduced. An hour or two of respite from your life. Let me gratify you.

If our hearts were large enough to love life in all it’s details, we would see that every instant is at once a giver and a plunderer, and that a young or tragic novelty — always sudden — never ceases to illustrate the essential discontinuity of time.
I have realized that I am at my best when I am giving.

Sensual dominance is a schema of pure possibility for all of us.
Seduction can be theraputic. Conversation can be erotic. Flirtation allows everyone to feel alive. I adore this world and hope you will find me in it.

Email me with your big throbbing vocabulary and I will respond in kind.

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wishlist: sensual kindness and gratitute
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